Dark Sleeper is an ORIGINALĀ  3 piece bandĀ  with Adrian Argo on drums and Graham Gorrie on guitar/vocals and Richie Williams on bass and backing vocals. Performing an extensive collection of original songs in SE Queensland and Nth New South Wales, Australia. Songs range from bluesy/folk/rock to latin and reggae. Appearing regularly at markets around Brisbane and occasional functions and bars.

Checkout our Gig page to see where we have played. Also pages with links to youtube and music outlets.
ROXLEY 2018 was the best Roxley ever in some ways thanks to the band “Waiting for Barwick” helping us out in the music department, and Dark Sleeper being the most fun it has been in a long while. Richie and Adrian hit it out of the park giving Graham the support he needs (really needs) in delivering the original songs that Dark Sleeper specialises in. Terry Hansen as MC. What more can I say?
New videos from Roxley 2018 “Buck Duane”, “Six Degrees”, “Cash in your Crystals” and “Reggae Ritchie”

For a bit of fun, here is a video link Where do songs come from? that explains an approach to capturing and developing original ideas, using one of the new songs “It’s Got 3 Stages” as the example.

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